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Our Mission

The goal of the annual 2nd Street Festival is to bring awareness to our own new, exciting neighborhood that has so much to offer the city of Philadelphia. For young families, entrepreneurs and businesses, Northern Liberties is the ideal community to grow in, and the 2nd Street Festival fully embraces this change by encouraging a safer, greener and happier environment for the city to appreciate.

Who We Are

The 2nd Street Festival depends on the hard-working community businesses that make up the Northern Liberties neighborhood in Philadelphia. Every year, over 100 businesses contribute their own monetary donations to support the 2nd Street Festival; local businesses understand that the yearly block party draws the public from all corners of the city and brings awareness to the up-and-coming neighborhood. Since 2008, The 2nd Street Festival has collaborated with two established civic organizations, The Northern Liberties Business Owners Association and the Northern Liberties Neighborhood Association. 

What We Do

Through direct support from sponsors and local businesses, The 2nd Street Festival aims to bring awareness to the Northern Liberties neighborhood and encourage a healthy and positive lifestyle. For a single day, the 2nd Street Festival brings neighbors and strangers together through live music, food, games, and the arts.